Tomáš Karásek

DevOps Engineer


About me

I improve and automate processes in the life-cycle of Internet services. I am Czech and I live in Joensuu, Finland.

In the past, I have been working in various venues, among them Google in Dublin and CERN in Geneva. I did contract work for Basho, the makers of Riak, and Rovio, the company behind the Angry Birds. I wrote Ansible modules for the Packet host. I am Ansible and Terraform contributor.

What I do


I have worked with plenty of setups of various sizes, and I am familiar with most of the popular cloud infrastructure providers. I can recommend which tools and techniques to utilize in your use case and how.

Infrastructure setup

I believe that modern infrastructure should come as a code. I’ve been working with various configuration management tools and IaaS APIs for the last 5 years. I have enough development and sysadmin background to pick the relevant features of available technologies, and to put together a setup in a simple and effective way. Delivered infrastructure must include reuseable templates and provisioning logic in version control.


I can prepare a training session or a hands-on workshop for an infrastructure-related technology.

I provide aforementioned services for following topics

Docker ecosystem
Amazon Web Services stack
Google Cloud Engine
Continuous Integration
Cloud infrastructure for e-commerce
Systems Administration best practices

Talks I've had

Using Ansible on OpenStack at OpenStackFin meetup 23.10.2014

Demo: Using Docker with Ansible at Ansible Helsinki meetup 29.10.2014

Bootstrapping Drupal 8 with Docker at Docker meetup in Helsinki 29.9.2015

Using Ansible on the Packet Host, online demo 2.6.2017

What I'm up to

Contact me

My finnish business ID is 2665804-6. You can send me an email, or find me on social networks:

In case your ad-blocker removed the icon, this is my LinkedIn profile.